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If you want your life to change, change your mind!
Let this teaching from Bishop David G. Evans be the catalyst for the change you've been waiting on. Profound insight into a familiar passage of scripture, NE MIND: NEW ME provokes true transformation in the place where it all begins - the mind. Its the tool God gave you to accomplish your success!

Master these exceptional principles, and more:
Be in control of your mind, rather than allowing your mind to dominate you!
Use the access that empowers you to shape your lifes paths
Initiate the turning point that transforms ordinary dreamers into extraordinary achievers!
Learn how forgiveness - of others and yourself - aids you in moving toward your goals

Weighty, inspiring, and defiantly mind-altering,
NEW MIND: NEW ME encourages you to allow the divine mind of Christ to be resident in your life. watch and see: a new YOU is just about to emerge.
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