Winner's Circle
Partnership Program

In the Winner's Circle you have connected with the biblical laws of environment, relationship and influence. Environment is so vital to your future; God created an environment first then He created people. Once in the right place with the right people, God releases His influence and power in every area of your life.

The Winner's Circle is a place where you and I join our faith, pray for one another, sowing into one another in order to preach and teach the gospel worldwide. There are millions of souls to be saved. Will you help me?

God has created you and drawn a circle around you! A Winner's Circle you and I have entered joined by agreement, unity and faith. A Circle of Champions!

To become a Winner's Circle Friend CLICK HERE!
 Overcomer ($20 per Month)
 Overcomer($200 one-time)
 Conqueror ($35 per Month)
 Conqueror ($350 one-time)
 Champion ($50 per Month)
 Champion($500 one-time)
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