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New Mind, New Me DVD Series
If you want your life to change, change your mind!
Let this teaching from Bishop David G. Evans be the catalyst for the change you've been waiting on. Profound insight into a familiar passage of scripture, NEW MIND: NEW ME provokes true transformation in the place where it all begins - the mind. It's the tool God gave you to accomplish your success!
Master these exceptional principles, and more:
Be in control of your mind, rather than allowing your mind to dominate you!
Use the access that empowers you to shape your life's paths
Initiate the turning point that transforms ordinary dreamers into extraordinary achievers!
Learn how forgiveness - of others and yourself - aids you in moving toward your goals
Weighty, inspiring, and defiantly mind-altering, NEW MIND: NEW ME encourages you to allow the divine mind of Christ to be resident in your life. Watch and see: a new YOU is just about to emerge.

No More Drama Book
Are you tired of struggling through a drama-filled existence? Are you ready to stop pretending that everything is okay when it's really not? If so, No More Drama will help you discover how to create a joyous and meaningful life!
In this compelling book, empowerment specialist Sil Lai Abrams shows how she was able to transform a devastating personal breakdown into a profound spiritual breakthrough by using the nine basic principles of the Self Empowerment Principles In Action process (or SEPIA for short).
SEPIA is a revolutionary new way of thinking that will enable you to stop surviving from crisis to crisis and start living a drama-free and purpose-driven life. Using nothing more than a pen and a piece of paper, SEPIA's simple method of self-inquiry empowers you to radically change your perspective on life, yourself, and others one clear step at a time.
Artfully blending spiritual teachings with heart-wrenching personal stories, No More Drama vividly illustrates how you can transform your personal breakdowns into courageous breakthroughs. If you have ever struggled with feeling powerless and victimized, No More Drama and its nine-step SEPIA process can help eliminate the drama from your life and empower you to create an authentic and inspired reality!

Dare to Be a Man Book (softback edition)
Men, within you there is a man that God wants you to release: a man of confidence, purpose, strength, destiny, consistency, sensitivity, accountability, and loyalty-who is spiritual, and loving. A problem solver and a leader. Within you is a true identity waiting to be fulfilled. When that true man appears, you'll realize that responsibility is not something to run from, but rather something to embrace. You'll learn that sovereignty can happen only when you become obedient to God. You'll see that your relationship with the family you create isn't about limitations, but about freedom. Only when you become that true man can you make yourself ready for the woman who loves you.
Women, you have long been misled about what a real man is. You don't know what to look for or expect in a partner, so you have unrealistic expectations and unmet needs. The truth is, you demand what men can't and shouldn't give you, yet you don't allow men to embody the role that God has called them to. Bishop Evans wants to show you how to identify a man who lives up to God's design, and teach you how to foster the spiritual growth of the men in your life.
With its inspiring and empowering message, and its practical applications, Dare to Be a Man is essential reading for all men and for the women who love them.

New Mind, New Me DVD Package

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