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Discover these hidden truths about the shed Blood of Christ
The hallmark of the Christian faith is the cross and the sacrificial offering of Jesus. In this inspiring series, learn just what the precious blood and the costly offering of Christ's life has purchased for every believer.

Bishop David G. Evans will take you in-depth with a study of the cleansing blood!

•  An Issue of Blood: the archetypal story of the Israelite nation and their exodus from Egypt details the coming of the resurrected King!
•  7 Signs of Blood: there's no coincidence that blood is the agent that remits sin. Find out why!
•  Stay in the House: the safety and security of being in covenant with the all-powerful Jehovah has its privileges
•  The Blood Change: examine the call, charge, challenge, and change agent that alters every faith-filled believer's destiny for the better!

Discover the hidden truths of the shed Blood of Christ and be empowered as you employ the principle of the Blood Covenant.

Passover Principles

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