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Faith is the Gravity of the Kingdom! Gravity is considered weak but nothing can resist it. Nothing can resist FAITH! Sickness, poverty, trouble all things are possible if you believe!

Every Christian has faith but oftentimes we cannot pull down all of the things we desire from God by ourselves. But if we put our faith together nothing will be able to resist us. The bible says Be it unto you according to your faith. Faith is simply trusting God. It is not until impossible is normal that you begin to trust God like He wants to be trusted. Gods greatest pleasure is to be believed His greatest pain is to be doubted. In this amazing 4 part series Bishop David G. Evans teaches that anytime the earth begins to pull something down it imperceptibly moves toward it.

During this season when you release your faith it is going to be necessary to move toward, in preparation to receive, what your faith is pulling down! YOU HAVE GRAVITY!

Gravity 4 Part DVD Series

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