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  • Law of Success 3-DVD series
    This series of messages will teach you how to weather the storm no matter what comes your way. You will learn that Faith doesn't automatically create a smooth ride. But, the bumps that come along the way are there to make you stronger and to make you a more powerful emissary of God. Success is a two-way street. We have to do our part and prepare. God will definitely do His part.
  • Overcoming Failure CD
    Learn how to look at moments of failure and setback as a learning and growing experience. You cannot give up when things get tough. These moments are when your Faith is most tested and your witness as a believer can be at its' peak.
  • In Christ I Can CD
    Find out how to approach each day with a sense of confidence and peace. While being a Christian does not guarantee smooth sailing, having Christ on your side and filling your spirit with His Word and praises can change your attitude, your decision making, and your relationships.

Law of Success DVD Bundle

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